Dell Technologies Data Protection is designed to comprehensively protect business data in the cloud

Dell Technologies Data Protection is designed to comprehensively protect business data in the cloud

Data has become one of the most critical assets to the business, no mater how big or small the organizations’ scales are. The exploitation and creation of new type of data-based application services are increasingly developed to enhance customer experience, and strengthen trust and sustainability for these organizations.

The digital transformation is bold together with the transformation of new application models. This journey creates mining needs and leverages new, diverse and flexible resources such as cloud computing, rather than using traditional on-premise environments in old style data centers.

Changing the model of data ownership, together with its explosive increase in volume, has led to many challenges in finding ways to strengthen information security for data and applications.  Concerns rise in organizations who are operating and providing IT services for customers (as end users) due to the lack of optimal solutions for data protection in different environments, especially in the cloud computing environment. Therefore, a comprehensive solution for data protection in the cloud is becoming increasingly critical than ever.

It brings to our mind a broad picture of digital transformation with a recent research shows that 98% of organizations are investing in emerging technologies such as 5G, AI/Machine Learning, cloud-native applications, SaaS applications and containers in order to drive their digital transformation and business growth.

Most organizations are currently deploying or planning to deploy mission-critical workloads like ERP, office productivity apps, business intelligence systems and CRM into cloud.  In which, office productivity apps and CRM are being deployed at 56% and 52%, respectively in both public and private clouds.

These organizations show consistency in their plan to deploy critical services in the cloud.  53% of organizations said they would soon run a BI system on a public cloud, while the ERP rate on the private cloud is 46%.

According to a report by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) published late 2020, 94% of IT professionals currently reporting use of public cloud services, and most remaining on-premises workloads seen as cloud candidates over the next five years.

Cloud infrastructures and services have also become strategic tools for IT that provide a fertile ground to develop new service applications and run mission-critical processes.  Mission-critical applications are also on the rise, with over a quarter of mission-critical applications reported to be on IaaS and 32% in SaaS environments.

The benefits of multi-cloud approach then become obvious.

Challenge and Solution

Dell Technologies commissioned a research on the impact of the cloud and the complexity of advanced technologies on readiness to protect data. More than 1,000 respondents were IT decision makers in both private and public organizations from four regions,  Americas (US, Mexico and Brazil), EMEA (UK, France, Germany, Italy, South Africa and UAE), APJ (Australia, India, Japan, Singapore and South Korea) and China. The downtime or data loss in 2019 were up to 82%, the research revealed.  Eight out of ten respondents believe their current data protection technologies won’t meet future business, nor suitable for the service-level agreement (SLA). Around half or more of these are struggling to find suitable data protection for their cloud-native applications, Saas applications and containers. 

To bridge the data protection gap across their multi-cloud environments, most organizations rely on data protection solutions from multiple vendors.  This approach, however, creates certain significant risks in controlling, exploiting and operating the owners’ systems.  Compared to those working with a single data protection vendor, on average organizations using multiple data protection vendors are likely to experience almost 2.30TB of data lost over in the last 12 months, and pay more than $1 million USD for data recovery.  The average amount of downtime is up to 21 hours, which cost more than $881,000 USD for system recovery.  It makes clear that, for organizations that have experienced data loss in the last 12 months, the costs are typically nearly 5x higher for those using multiple vendors, on average compared to those using only one data protection solution. Besides, the costs are also typically nearly 2x higher for unplanned downtime, on average.

According to recent ESG research, 15% of surveyed organizations can tolerate no downtime at all for their mission-critical applications. 42% say their mission-critical applications must be back online in less than one hour.  It is notable that, 90% of the respondents cannot tolerate more than one hour of lost “mission-critical” data.

In light of this, Dell Technologies has built and offered its customers a comprehensive data protection portfolio with a “Data First” strategy.  Dell Technologies’ state-of-the-art and proven data protection portfolio allows its customers to effectively protect any workload, while also ensuring data backup on any environments, from peripherals, core systems and cloud environments (private, public, hybrid).  Unofficial statistics show that a total of more than 2.7 exabytes of critical business data are being protected by Dell Technologies.

Dell Technologies Data Protection Solution for multi-cloud environments helps to curb the challenges faced by the organizations. In addition to supporting a data centric approach for users, it reduces risks and costs of deployment; increases responsiveness and resilience; and also helps protect, backup, and restore data more quickly.

Dell Technologies provides proven technologies for data protection across multi-cloud environments that not only deliver better deployment efficiency, but also make it easy to scale up when the organization needs it.
No matter where the business organizations are in their digital transformation, Dell Technologies can provide them with suitable solutions for data protection in the cloud, so that they deploy infrastructure with confidence and deliver the best service out of the box.

In Vietnam, Dell Technologies cloud-based data protection solutions are consulted and provided by NT&T Co., Ltd (


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